From their workshop in East London, the Metro team lovingly craft their unique London guide books.

Metro Publications is an independent publishing company that has established a reputation for producing well-researched and beautifully designed guides on many aspects of London life. Metro guides are popular with visitors to the capital, but detailed enough to appeal to born-and-bred Londoners.

In fields of interest as diverse as shopping, bargain hunting, architecture, the arts, and food, our London guide books contain special tips you won’t find anywhere else. With a passion for helping people discover the city – past and present, old and new, the hidden and celebrated alike – we leave no stone unturned in our quest to reveal the best that London has to offer.

“Metro’s London guide books: for people who love London”

Robert Elms, journalist

“A book I shall endlessly use as a fascinating guide to London’s historic houses and their often eccentric occupants.”

Beryl Bainbridge on London’s Houses

“This guide is a great resource for exploring the monuments of London. The book’s small size makes it easy to carry around and it contains a wealth of useful information.”

5* A voracious reader on London’s Monuments


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